Beacon Falls Historical Society

Greater Naugatuck Valley History Consortium

The GNVHC joins together the greater Naugatuck Valley historical societies, municipal and town historians, librarians, museum leaders and all other interested persons with common purposes and goals. Additionally, we will encourage and promote mutual support and sharing of information and resources on the history of our region and communities. GNVHC currently has representatives from ten towns or cities, at least on paper. Like many groups, we have a core of very active members.

Healthy Valley

Healthy Valley is the first healthy community project in the state of Connecticut and is endorsed by Governor John Rowland, U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman, U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal as well as former Governor Lowell Weicker, and former State Health Commissioner Susan Addiss. Healthy Valley 2000 was officially launched in October 1994 after more than a year of work and preparation. The project includes the towns of Ansonia, Derby, Shelton, Seymour, Beacon Falls and Oxford located in South Central Connecticut, with a combined population of 96,000 and an area of 100 square miles.

Connecticut Historical Society

Connecticut Historical Society

The Connecticut Historical Society is a private, not-for-profit museum, library, research and educational center. Our mission is to inspire and foster a life-long interest in history through exhibitions, programs, and Connecticut-related collections, because improving knowledge of the past enhances understanding of the present and the ability to meet the challenges of the future. Founded in 1825, the Connecticut Historical Society houses an extensive and comprehensive Connecticut-related collection of manuscripts, printed material, artifacts and images that document social, cultural, and family history.

Community Awards Program

14th Annual Community Awards Program

The Community Awards Program allows each Ion Bank customer to vote for their favorite non-profit organization to help the Ion Bank Foundation give away $100,000.

Presentation of the 150th anniversary historical quilt

Presentation of the 150th anniversary historical quilt

A New Member - Membership Evening to be held October 24th and the presentation of the 150th anniversary historical quilt.

150th Merch is Now Available

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